The ways I’ve used writing

Throughout the past week I have used many different types of writing. This class has allowed me to see how writing is really used all day and everyday. This class has also showed me how to better my writing so I can use it more to my advantage.

Ways Ive used writing this past week…

Texting friends and family, writing down information when talking on the phone, filling out paperwork for my internship this summer, using it in class and for homework, being on the internet, writing my name on the newly paved sidewalk, writing a letter to my grandma, filling out forms for my fraternity, voting on candidates for different positions of my business fraternity…

These are all the ways I remember using writing in the past week.


May 1st post

this piece was a lot different then mine. It’s style was very unique and intriguing from a video perspective where as mine was just a recording with sound. I think mine is better because you’re not distracted by images and you can invasion everything in your mind. It opens up your imagination to your own interpretation and this does not limit you in what you are seeing. This author did do a very good job though. I was impressed with her rhetoric and how she used her persuasion. It was very interesting and kept the listener in tact. I hope that mine has the same approach and does the same to my listeners. All in all, I think that this one might be a little abetter then mine but with some editing and revisions I think I can make my inquiry 4 very good. This was a good way to compare mine to someones else’s to see how I can make my inquiry 4 more creative so that I can get a better grade. 

Inquiry 4 thoughts

So far my thought process with inquiry four is off to a good start. Their are a number of things that are going well and some thing that seem to be a little tricky. What seems to be tricky is just setting up what and how I’m going to use the software on the computer. I have never used Imovie before, so I have very little experience. So far I have figured out how to use the software to an extent but I plan to ask questions if I get stuck. Another thing that was tricky was what I was going to say in my speech. I was able to get some good insight from the peer reviews in class, so I think I am on the right page now with what I am going to say. What is going well is that I do know what I am going to talk about. I’m going to use the material from inquiry one and I do believe I will be able to use and will be able to get a lot of good materiel. so within what I am trying to say is that I am making good progress. My thoughts on it is that the assignment isn’t that hard but the software is just a little tricky on making it to the best of my abilities. Once I master the software I think I will be able to master this assignment.

Free write april 17h

I think I am going to talk about how I persuaded my friends to not get a puppy. I feel as though this is a better topic then what I did for inquiry 2. I may get my friends to talk in it as well because they got rid of the dog (it has a new/good home) to show how it really was a bad idea. I was right to begin with.

Jones response 2

From the prompt that we had to read for class today their are rules that are easy to follow and rules that seem to be more hard to follow. From the rules that were discussed I would say the easiest one would be the Burden of proof rule. This one seemed to apply most to what I was trying to do within my inquiry three paper. What this rule demonstrates is that you have to back up an argument with valuable and effect sources and references. To get your point across to the audience you are presenting too, your sources and references have to be on point and logical with what you are trying to present. When I say that Oxford and Miami University needs to fix how their drug policies are, I need reasons and sources to back up why they need to be fixed. A rule that seems to be hard is the “A party may not falsely present something as a premise that has been left unexpressed by the other party or deny a premise that he or she has left implicit”. This is explained by saying something and it being taken the wrong way. You would respond by saying, “thats not what I meant”. If you say this then you have violated the rule. This rule tries to keep the argument on track and away from irrelevance. 

Zero Draft- Drug Abuse Inquiry 3

            Every major city and every college or university has a problem with drug abuse in respect to its citizens and its society. Drug abuse is a very relevant concern with our culture today. This is an issue because with illegal drug use comes a lot of negative consequences that affect our culture. These consequences can lead to depression, physical and mental illness, diseases, and even death. This is a problem for Miami and the relative community because you don’t want your society to be filled with depression, illness, disease, or death if it can be stopped or prevented. Drug abuse is a growing epidemic in the Miami University and rural Cincinnati regions. More could be done through Miami University and these local and rural areas. Ways to grow as a society and to prevent drug abuse would be through an increase in law enforcement and greater value for the educational process for all of its citizens.

            From a national perspective, drug abuse is an arising concern, especially with the notions of heroin. Heroin is a huge problem within the United States and is known to be spreading to rural areas all across the country. “Prior to the 1970s, heroin abuse was located primarily in major urban centers. This is no longer the case though. The new locus of heroin is in non-metropolitan areas (NMAs) and suburban areas.“ (Furst 684) This then leads to why it is a problem for Miami because Miami University is nestled into a very small urban area in between larger cities such as Dayton and Cincinnati. With it known that hard class one drugs such as heroin are making jumps to rural areas should be a rising concern for Miami University officials, students, parents, and its Oxford, Ohio community. Miami University needs to purely be a place where a student can go and learn from an academic perspective and not have to deal with the notions and consequences of drugs. More should be done for initial prevention so consequences of drug abuse, such as heroin, don’t exist.

source #6 rise in Miami drug violations

McGillivray, Allison. “MU drug violations rise, highest in 3 years.” Miami Student [Oxford, Oh] 09 Jan 2012, n. pag. Web. 4 Apr. 2014. <

The main point of this article is to inform the reader upon how Miami University has had a spike in drug violations on campus. McGrillvray points out that it is an ongoing increase in the past three years and at 2011 it was at an all time high. From 2009-2011 it increased from 39 to 80 drug abuse related offenses. Police officers were interviewed and responded by saying that they have a zero tolerance drug policy and if an officer finds someone violating the policy they will be cited accordingly. McGrillvray wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact reason why there was an increase in drug related offenses but linked it to a recent increase in use of marijuana and its growing popularity over the last decade or so. McGrillvray points out that Miami does offer ways to educate, inform and counsel students about drug abuse. Many classes are offered to students and if you violate the universities policies then you are mandated to go through with the certain classes offered by Miami University.

The venue of publication of this source comes from the Miami Student website. It is the local paper of Miami University. The intended audience would most likely be for the University, students and parents. This would be so that the University can be more directly informed about the problems that are arising on campus. It does not look good in the publics eye if their is an increasing amount of drug abuse related crimes on campus. This will affect the types of students who will want to come learn at this university and if their parents will let them attend Miami. The assessment to which makes this source credible would be that it was written by a Miami student and facts and information were gathered by the university and records were used from the Oxford police department. They are the ones who make the arrests and take great consideration with storing and collecting their information. The article is fairly current and was written in 2012. At this time I was on campus and consider it to be a current source. You could relate this to the local issue of Miami University having an increase in drug abuse related offenses. A statistic like this is not good for a University and needs to be on a decline and not a rising factor. This effects parents allowing their children to come here as students. Drug abuse is a serious issue and has very negative consequences. Parents don’t want this to be brought upon their child, especially if it’s a growing issue. The most notable rhetoric appeal would be logos. The facts pinpoint that there is a growing trend in drug abuse related violations at Miami University. It clearly states the fact that from 2009 to 2011 it went from 39-80. Seeing that it doubled in four years shows that there is a problem. I would say it is persuasive to me as a reader because I find this to be an alarming jump in drug violations. This makes the article also useful to me because it’s clear that drug abuse is a problem at Miami University and since violations are increasing more should be done to decrease these violations on campus. This is how it will fit into my essay.

Source 5 Miami handbook

Miami University. “Alcohol, Drug, and Substance Abuse Policies”. Miami University Official Website. 4 April 2014. Web. <;.

According to the website established by Miami University, steps are made to address the current and future problems of alcohol abuse related to the students on its campus. Nothing is done by the university to prevent Narcotic drug abuse. Miami makes each student go through the AlcoholEdu program. The purpose of this is for the students to learn about the negative consequences of alcohol so that they can make healthy decisions in the future. If a student is found guilty of an alcohol and/or drug violation then Miami has two approaches for dealing with these offenses. These programs are the Alternatives Program and the Chemical Abuse Education Program (CAEP). Miami has the Alternatives Program and it is two hours long. This program informs students on how to make responsible decisions about alcohol consumption. The Chemical Abuse Education Program is a four-hour long program. It deals with drug use and abuse as well as drug addiction. The main purpose of these programs is to give students more knowledge and information about drug and alcohol use and the negative effects and consequences that they have.

This source is credible because it was made by Miami University and these are the procedures and policies used by Miami University for drug abuse related issues. The intended audience of this source would be the students of Miami University. These policies and procedures are directed towards them when first becoming a student at Miami and if a student is to ever violate a drug policy at Miami University. The purpose of this source is to inform the student of the negative side effects and consequences of drug abuse and if a student violates the policy the student will be informed of what their consequences are. The source is current and was updated at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. I would say this is a very reliable source because it comes from the Miami University website. It’s connected to the local issues of dealing with Miami’s drug abuse issues. It could also be connected to the ongoing drug abuse education from the perspective of all college campuses across the United States. Ensuring that all campuses have effective programs when dealing with drug abuse on a college setting. This source’s most notable rhetorical appeal is logos. The purpose of this page on Miami’s website is to provide factual information about Miami’s alcohol and drug abuse education programs. This source I think will be useful in my essay to see if these programs are useful to the student and too see if they have done anything to prevent drug abuse on campus. Then maybe seeing if other tactics and programs would be better to help mandate and control drug abuse at Miami University.